Prototype paper printed with ultraviolet light instead of ink

According to the journal Nano Letters, scientists from Shandong University in China as well as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have figured out a way to make paper that can be printed with ultraviolet light, erased by heating it and then rewritten more than 80 times. That’s a solution for saving trees, as paper production is still […]

Historic restaurant menus – Frank Buttolph’s original collection

With 25-year reputation in the areas of printing, advertising and printed communication, Studio Live Design & Printing offers you the guarantee of a well-designed and well-imprinted menu that worthily represents the image of your restaurant, as the restaurant catalogues and menus are the mirror of your kitchen and meals that you offer to the clients.

The Big Challenge of Innovative Packaging

How to save money by keeping food fresher for longer or how to reduces waste by promoting sustainability, are just a few issues that can be faced by continued innovation around packaging. Many technological solutions to agri-food waste already exist and only need to be more effectively shared and affordably adapted to local contexts. The EU has ambitious […]

Save Money with Color Management

When printing, you’ve certainly asked yourself more than once why colors sometimes don’t match. This happens because no device in a publishing system is capable of reproducing the full range of colors viewable to the human eye. Each device operates within a specific color space that can produce a certain range, or gamut of colors. That’s […]

How digital printing is changing the future of communications

We invite you today to go through our beginner’s guide to the digitally printed creative communications wonderland and discover how digital printing helps the advertising campaigns! Western capitals are a vision of horror for any advertising executive. A vast array of analogue and digital channels try to capture each individual’s attention, causing too many campaigns to […]

Is 3D printing the next fashion innovation?

There are several design studios, such as Nervous System in the USA, that focus on 3D printed innovations come up with novel processes that allow a 3D printed dress to move and sway like real fabric. The bespoke software behind it, called Kinematics, combines origami techniques with novel approaches to 3D printing, pushing the technology’s limits.  3D […]

The significant growth expected on the global 3D printing market by 2020

According to a recent survey by researcher International Data Corporation (IDC), the global 3D printing market is expected to register a significant growth in the next four years and to hit $35 billion until 2020, which is more than double the $15.9 billion in revenues forecast for 2016 and represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) […]